• " The school achieved GCSE results in the top 25% of similar schools in 2017 and 2018."
  • "In lessons and around the school, many pupils are courteous and polite. They engage well in their learning and work suitably in groups and pairs. " - Estyn 2018
  • " High standards of teaching from staff and excellent learning from students, alongside the proactive encouragement of parents, have all contributed to the school's recent success. " - IQM Inspection 2018
  • " In 2018 the school was awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark Award - Centre of Excellence for the second time. This reflects the school's commitment to including all learners. "
  • " The school has a successful Sixth Form in which learners are achieving results in the top 25% of schools in Wales. "
  • " I just wanted to say a huge thanks to your wonderful staff for all the support they have provided for my son and myself over his first year at high school. " - Year Seven Parent - July 2018
  • " The extra curricular activities that are offered via the Engage@Emrys programme are the best in the area. " Year Seven Parent - July 2018







Emrys ap Iwan

Emrys Ip Iwan
Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan Life at Emrys ap Iwan


This section of the website contains a range of resources to support your study in preparation for the Year 11 examinations.  As you are aware this is a very important time in your school career and we want to ensure that you have the best chance of success.  Throughout the year this page will be used to post up to date information regarding Year 11 and your study programme.  It is essential that you check this page regularly.

Make sure that you plan your studies and that you make great use of the materials you are provided with. 

If you need further help please see your subject teachers or your mentor.



   Exam Information Booklet


External Exams - 7 May-26 June 2019


















Study for Success

Exam and focus sessions for week commencing 20th May (week B)






Monday 20 May



Normal lessons p1 - 3 for all except sociology learners to ATW in S9 for p3.

Sociology focus session in S9 with ATW at 1pm.


Maths for all p4 and 5. (X half would normally have PE period 4).

Sociology Unit 1 pm    1hr 45

Tuesday 21 May

Maths focus session with usual maths teacher at 8.55 am.

Geography learners focus lesson p3 with MOJ in S13.


Normal science p3 for all others.

Geography focus session at 1pm with MOJ in S13.

Maths unit 1 am

F 1hr 30

I 1hr 45

H 1hr 45

Geography Unit 1 pm 1hr 30

Wednesday 22 May

Normal lessons for all p1-3 including science p3 with physics focus.

Physics focus sessions at 1pm as follows:

Sc1 M60 (HW)

Sc2 and Sc3 PJT (SLR)
Sc4, E and M in Atrium (LDH)

Physics Unit 2 pm       1hr 45

Science Double Unit 6 pm 1hr 15

Thursday 23 May

Normal lessons for all p1-3. Science groups will be changed to support those resitting year 10 units.


Focus lesson p4 for Business with JMY in D81, DT Product Design with MD in M39, Psychology with JD in S15 and Sociology with ATW in S9.


Normal lessons for all others p4&5.

English Lit unit 2 am 2hrs

Friday 24 May

Business focus session at 8.55 with JMY in D81.


Normal lessons for all others p1-3 except those doing psychology (with JD in S15) and DT (with MD in M39) for p3. Sociology normal lesson p3.

D&T, psychology and sociology exams start at 1.10 as D&T is 2 hrs long.

Extra English lesson for all learners not in an exam p4.

History focus lesson with VRW in S10 p5.

Maths lesson for all others p5.

Business unit 1 am 2hrs

D&T Product Design pm 2hrs

Psychology unit 1 pm 1hr 45

Sociology Unit 2 pm  1hr 45





GCSEPod has over 3,500 audio-visual podcasts containing all the right facts, quotes, keywords, dates and annotated diagrams that learners need for GCSE success. Watch podcasts on mobile, tablet or computer and get help with learning, homework and revision.

All learners have already been registered with GCSEPod and simply need to activate their account and choose a username and password. To access GCSEPod for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.gcsepod.com and click LOGIN
  3. Enter your name, date of birth and the name of your school
  4. Create a username and password (to be used next time you login) and select the subjects you study


The GCSEPod is available on computer and a free to download app for Apple and Android devices:



Revision Resources by Curriculum







     Health and Social Care    

     Vocational Learning    


Physical Education




Psychology & Sociology





Design Technology









How to Revise?  (YouTube links)

   How to Study Effectively for School or College - Top 6 Science-Based Study Skills

   How to revise | BBC Newsbeat


   Study With Me: How I Make Flashcards

   Mnemonics Revision Skills

Revision Resources